IT Support

Computers - Manufacturers

IBM : Desktop, Laptops, Servers, Mid-Range and Mainframe.
Dell : Desktop, Laptops, Servers.
Gateway : Desktop, Laptops, Servers.
Compaq : Desktop, Laptops, Servers, Mid-Range (Digital)
Hewlett Packard : Desktop, Laptops, Servers, Mid-Range HP-Unix

Palmtops / CE / Small pocket device.

PocketPc - It's here now. Great device for people on the move.

Psion : Market leader in Pocket device - Great British company takes on the world.
Hewlett Packard : Windows CE devices, Great selection.
Casio : Windows CE and other small pocket devices e.g. address book. E105 is great device worth a look expect that is the most expensive in it's class.
3Com : Excellent Palmtop device on the market, it's PalmPilot is one of the most  popular device on the market and it has colour display now.. It's popularity comes from excellent features and affordable price.
Compaq : Windows CE, trying to break into the market, not great success..
Philips : Windows CE, trying like Compaq, not popular.

Software - Key Developers

Microsoft : OS, applications, leading new technology.
Adobe : Fonts, DTP, web tools, publishing tools.
IBM : Rival to Microsoft OS, application, anti-virus.
Symantec : Server / Desktop utilities, anti-virus software, NAV updates.
Trend Micro : Desktop/ Server anti-virus products.
Network Associates : Network utilities, anti-virus.
Computer Associates : Varies platform software includes Arcserve backup products.
Oracle : Leading software for companies with solutions.
Veritas : Network utilities, includes Backup Exec backup software.

Computer add-ons

Intel : Market leader in computer processors. 
ATi : Graphic cards
3Com : Nic, Modems.
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